Peter’s Denial

“Peter then denied again: and immediately a rooster crowed.” John 18:27

There used to be a pesky rooster that lived behind us.  He crowed in the mornings alright, which was fine with me.  I was already up so no bother.  He was a confused rooster at best.  He crowed all. day. long. If it was a nice day out I would open the deck door and there he was in all his glory.  We sort of grew accustomed to it but it was still annoying. I’m not sure what happened to him. Somebody silenced him though.

I have to think today if that rooster in my life was a call from the Lord about denial or even lying.  Jesus predicted Peter’s denial by the third crow of the rooster.  Oh sure I wouldn’t blatantly say I don’t know Christ.  I hope all that know me and strangers as well recognize that truth in my life.  But what of those subtle denials? The nudging of the Holy Spirit to call a friend, help the homeless, invite a struggling friend or co-worker over to share a meal.  How many of those do we deny?

Lying is a sin that always requires another.  You can’t tell one and not have to tell another and another to cover it up.  Maybe you don’t lie at all, which I commend you for.  Do you withhold truth? Do you omit parts of the tale in order to save feelings or shadow your faith?  Do you add to the story to make it sound better? Peter lied three times about Jesus whom he loved so dearly.  Was it out of fear?  Was it out of inferiority? I discovered about myself that I used to lie because I didn’t think anyone would like the real me. I still struggle with that but now I keep quiet instead of trying to paint a picture of who I am not.

I’ve found that fear fuels inferiority.  When you fear the rejection of someone you begin to feel inferior about yourself.  And friend let me tell you, that is the beginning of a whole other can of worms.  Inferiority can keep you from your calling, God’s very best for your life.  I wonder how many golden opportunities that I have passed by that God intended my best for but I walked away, too inferior to even try.

Maybe Peter was bold and courageous as long as Jesus was with him but once removed he wasn’t so sure.  You don’t ever have to feel that way! Once you become a disciple of Christ you have the Holy Spirit living within you.  He guides in all truth.  It still baffles me that Jesus would choose me to become one of His own. Knowing that He is with me always give me the confidence that I need to share Him with others and to live a fear free life.  Living in fear is crippling.  I urge you to make things right with God today and give it all over to him.  He will exchange it with His peace.  And you cannot be at peace and in fear at the same time.

Thankfully that is not the end of Peter’s story. He was forgiven and restored and went on to do great things for Christ. What encouragement for us today! We too can be forgiven and restored! We can still be valuable to God for His purposes! Take heart dear friend, today can be a brand new beginning for you. Talk to Jesus, tell Him what you’ve done and that you’re so sorry.  Turn from it and turn to Him.  I’m excited for you to enjoy your life at peace with God! Enjoy the rest of your week!



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