Do you really believe?

For even His brothers did not believe in Him.” John 7:5

What about you? Do you believe in Him? There is a difference between believing there is a God and having a relationship with Him. To say you believe in Him means you put your full faith and trust in His saving power.

What does it mean to fully trust? It means you are no longer in the driver’s seat of your bus. It means you talk to God before you talk to anyone else. It means you obey His voice even though it makes no sense to anyone else. Take a look at Abraham, Noah or Moses. All three were called to do extraordinary feats. They believed and acted. They did it with God’s help every step of the way.

In today’s verse Jesus’ own brothers didn’t believe in Him. They knew He existed, they grew up with Him. But they didn’t believe His fact that He was the Messiah. They made a choice to believe or not. They chose not. We know they later came to faith but after Jesus was crucified. God has a time table friends. There will come a day when you no longer have the choice to believe. It will be too late. Thankfully it his brothers chose yes later.

The same is still ringing true today as was then. We know of His miracles, we have His Word as proof. We can see what He visibly does in the lives of believers. How He can take a criminal and turn them into someone who tells everyone he knows about Jesus and countless souls come to Christ. We can say we believe that He is. His brothers believed that. But do you believe He is who He says He is? The one and only living true God.

It is hard to propel forward into the future without a clue where you are going and how things will turn out. We do it everyday, some of us without God guiding our steps. We make our own plan, we execute, we get to the end of our day and may say thanks to Him but have had no regard for His purpose in our lives that day, or tomorrow or next week. He’s kind of an after thought. I wonder how things may have turned out for you if you would’ve sought his counsel early in the morning about your paths for this day. I so hope that you did.

I would like to offer a bit of encouragement. You can turn to Him right now in full belief that He will hear from Heaven and answer you! God speaks. Primarily through His Word but He uses other avenues to convey His message as well. I am constantly looking for answers to prayers. Everywhere. Just this morning I found a card to a board game randomly in a closet that said CHOOSE. I new exactly what that meant. My way or His way. He followed up shortly with scripture. He is faithful.

In our Bible Study Fellowship lecture Monday night, Angela said you can be near to Jesus and still not believe in Him. So it was with His brothers. It doesn’t have to be that way for you! All you have to do is talk to Him. He is very approachable and knows you better than anyone ever has or will. He knows EVERYTHING and won’t be a bit surprised by anything you have to say. Bring it all to Him, surrender at the foot of the cross and watch Him sort it all out for you.

That is not to say the Christian life is a walk in the park. Quite the contrary. But we walk it with Him which makes everything else seem smaller. We can actually have joy in the midst of life’s trials! Just because He lives and He cares for us. Our advocate.

The good news with Jesus’ half-brothers is they went on to write two of the epistles in the New Testament. James was one of the leaders of the church at Jerusalem. In Galatians Paul refers to him as one of the pillars of the church. A non-believer to a believer. This can be like your story as well. Someone who says they believe to someone who actually does. Believe. Faith. Trust. The decision is yours. There is joy ahead for you today my friend!


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